Project Description

Liaison is a multiplayer fetish game about awkward intimacies. It uses VR technology to accurately track positioning in physical space but is not a VR game. Eschewing the serious (though not the significant), Liaison explores constraint, fetish gear, and bodily entanglement from a place of both frustration and delight. Players are asked to don restrictive controllers that act as a catalyst for the release of inhibition via the gamespace. As players contort their bodies into intimate, often entangled shapes, building a multi-sensory landscape through collaborative movement and hampered but heightened physical communication, their actions serve as an allegory for the ways bodies and negotiations create play within Queer BDSM space.



Maxwell Lander is a photographer, designer, gamemaker, and hedonist killjoy. Their work often blurs the line between disgust and desire, and involves a lot of fake and real blood and fake and real sex toys. Currently, they are enamored with games that let people get close and awkward and Virtual Reality technology as a physically disruptive medium for Queer and kinky play. In particular, they’re interested in work that critically engages with masculinity in ways that range from the subtle and playful to brutal and unnerving.