SENSUM: An Ambient Environment For Mental Self Support Practices



Project Description

The reality of today’s fast paced environment has created emotional challenges for everyone. In order for us to overcome these emotions, we might be required to look within ourselves. Mahsa’s thesis project uses methodologies such as “Research through Design” (RtD) to investigate and reflect on the application of Ambiguity in Design, Colour Therapy and “Calm Technology” in addressing the impacts of daily life challenges. This thesis project introduces an ambient environment to its users, encouraging them to disconnect from their busy daily activities and focus on themselves for a short period of time at the end of a busy day. Mahsa created Sensum Light, a prototype that incorporates a set of tangible products including a stationary object at the user’s home and a mobile piece that is carried by the user throughout the day. Sensum Light aims to inspire users with their emotional well-being.



Mahsa is a Master of Design candidate at OCAD University with an interest in designing for mental health. Her background is in industrial and visual communication design. As an industrial designer with a user-centric mindset, Mahsa drives inspiration from the interactions between people, objects and spaces, aiming to facilitate seamless relationships between them through intuitive design solutions.