The White People Problem: Experiments in The Reverse Gaze

Kristy Boyce



Project Description

The White People Problem is a series of experimental works that seeks to engage white settlers and prompt reflection on the too often ignored issues of colonialism, inequity, and white privilege. Grounded in Boyce’s personal experiences, this work is her response to problematic conversations within her own family. Rather than bringing bar graphs to Christmas dinner, she uses a practice-led approach to create multiple pieces, that seek to reverse and subvert the white gaze. Specific technologies and methods used include photogrammetry, 3D printing, metal casting, sculpture, augmented reality, autoethnography, mouldmaking, and screenprinting.



Kristy Boyce is a photographer, educator and interdisciplinary artist. She has a background in photojournalism and has worked internationally in multiple countries for Non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF and various newspapers and magazines. Her current practice explores making art that yells at white people about racism and inserting queer narratives into classic works of art through a variety of mediums including Augmented Reality, sculpture, 3D printing, and photography work with found objects.