Dikla Revah Sinai



Project Description

Neutrois is a personal feminist digital game —a nonlinear interactive novel, created in Twine, speculating on life in a postgender world—embracing critical future thinking of the limitations that gender norms place on our potential for agency.

The game aims for the players to question the influence that gender identities and biological sex have on our lives by comparing everyday situations with the alternatives suggested in the narrative; in particular, situations related to reproduction, sexual partners, and family structure.

The narrative of the game is based on a science fictioning future scenario, using a second person point of view, describing a dialogue between the game player, a Neutrois Entity and the Protocol (the game player’s inner voice) as the narrator.

The game includes original artwork, illustrations, one per screen, using the visual medium to question the body aesthetics, objectification, ethnicity and gender bias that are often associated with objects.



Dikla Revah Sinai is an illustrator (with a neon pink obsession), a world builder, and a product manager with over 20 years of experience working globally with start-up companies to scope and develop ideas into profitable, award-winning, products. Dikla received her bachelor’s in photography and multimedia, specializing in food photography and styling, and studied Manga in Osaka, Japan. As a Graduate Student in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University, Dikla's research focuses on the intersection of speculative design, foresight and digital games as a way to tell a story that helps envision the future and inspire for social change.