Embodied Expressions



Project Description

Embodied Expressions is an exploration into the possibilities of creating live and immersive audiovisual performance systems with the aim of expanding artistic practice. Afaq’s thesis investigates how a performer could express themselves more intuitively with physical and mechanical audiovisual interfaces, and stands in revolt against the total digitalization of live electronic music. Afaq argues that modern electronic music performance has led to a decoupling of sound from its traditional origins in real physical objects and has created a limitation in the live performer’s ability to express themselves through the embodied aspects of their live musical expression. An artifact of Afaq’s project is a set of heard and seen mechanical instruments placed about the audience’s environment that are controlled by the performer using a custom-designed gesture-based control system. Afaq’s project contributes to knowledge regarding embodiment in the creation and use of musical interfaces that combine both digital and analog elements.



Afaq Ahmed Karadia is a designer, audiovisual artist and music researcher. He is interested in exploring intersections between art and technology. He now forges a new path that transitions his creative coding skills towards developing installations and interactive arts projects. His current practice evolves around audiovisual art and music technology.